Before your Tattoo

Before tattooing we always recommend:

  • Get some food before the session and a good amount of water from the day before.
  • No use of alcohol or any type of drugs is highly recommended. You’ll not be attended under the influence of any type of substances.
  • It is recommended to sleep enough the day before.
  • Come with comfortable clothes.
  • You can bring a mask of your own, if not you’ll be provided with a disposable one and a face shield. Both masks are mandatory during your session. Our staff will also be wearing both.
  • It’s not necessary to shave the zone to be tattooed, you’ll be shaved by our crew.
  • Be sure to come alone. No company will be allowed inside.
  • Consider paying with contactless cards to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • You have to be here 15 minutes before your appointment and have enough time for the session.
    “No rush” is a law for our artists.

Tattoo After Care

We highly recommend using specialized products for the tattoo after care. You can choose between 2 simple methods:

  • The new and effortless method with sealing film.
    We will apply one of our products to seal the skin and you’ll be fine. After 10 to 12 days, you just remove the sealing film, clean and you’ re ready. In this method you ‘re allowed to go swimming and enjoy your life as you normally would.
  • The classic method, a.k.a. clean and cream.
    You’ll be wrapped and you’ll have to remove the cling film after a couple of hours and start the treatment. Cleaning with antibacterial, alcohol free soap and water three times per day, also applying a small quantity of specific tattoo cream for 15 or 20 days till you ‘ve completely healed. Swimming is not allowed for at least two weeks.

In both cases, direct exposure to the sun is not allowed for a week or so.
We recommend to using humectant cream and sun screen anytime going outdoors for as many years you want.
The lifespan of your tattoo depends a lot on you and how you take care of it during the first months after being tattooed.